top 10 alternative brands

Top 5 Alternative Brands To Check Out

For anyone who knows me, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of multiple different styles. I don’t care about what’s popular, trending or what people think I should wear, I just do me. 

So to kick off 2019 on the blog, and in honour of really letting out my inner Vixxen, here’s my top 5 Alternative Fashion Brands that I absolutely love!

Banned Apparel

My favourite thing about Banned Apparel is the mixture of clothes available. They’re not only alternative, but they also have super cute vintage inspired items, as well as cross-overs between the two.

banned apparel bowler bag retro

Get this super adorable retro bag here

Sullen Clothing

There’s always been something so appealing about tattoo inspired designs, which I guess is fueled by having a fair amount of tattoos myself! But the awesome designers behind Sullen are actually tattooists and artists, which gives the brand even more originality and higher quality detail.

sullen clothing

Check out the awesome selection at Sullen Clothing

Hades Footwear

Ok, I confess! I am a massive shoe fan. But these beauts? These are on another level! If you’re looking for something alternative for you feet, I cannot recommend Hades enough. Watch this space for my newest pair I’ll be treating myself to this year.

Hades shoes

Who doesn’t want a biker jacket for their feet? Get these bad boys here!

Dolls Kill

I actually came across this brand by accident on Instagram, but I’m glad I did! There’s such a mix of cute, alternative and just awesomely weird it’s hard not to love them. 

Dolls Kill cropped blouse

Check out the Dolls here

Rock ‘N Doll

These guys have put the sexy back into alternative! With a gorgeous selection of witchy inspired, vintage and alternative elegance, it is literally so hard not to buy the whole store! 

Rock 'N Doll Pentagram Dress

Letting your inner witch out in this sexy piece!

Let me know in the comments if any of these are favourites for you. And if not, which ones you do love!

Happy 2019 Vixxens! And Happy shopping!

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