Why I’m Loving This Brand!

I’m all about empowering women and helping you unleash your inner Vixxen. I genuinely want that for every woman; to be confident and happy no matter what.

That’s why when I come across brands like this, I know I have to support them and more importantly share it with all of you.

I’m getting back on my fitness journey after a grueling few months of hardships and stress. 2018 has taken it’s toll on me, but I will never quit. My Vixxen is in there, I know that, and she is ready to be unleashed.

So one day I’m browsing Instagram, as you do, and I see a post about a women’s fitness brand called Just Strong. Intrigued, I had a look to see what they are about.



Do they just sell clothes? Hell no! There’s much more to their story. This little quote is directly from their website:

“We are a lifestyle brand for strong women. Whether you are an experienced lifter, a new starter or have simply overcome great adversaries in your life, the JustStrong community is here to make sure you never give up.”

Sometimes that’s exactly what we need…a community, some friends, or just some cheerleaders when we feel we’re struggling. I joined the Facebook group and this is exactly what you get in there.

A lot of these beautiful souls don’t know each other and have battled a MASSIVE range of demons in life, but they still build each other up. Every. Single. Day. Straight away I knew that what JustStrong say they are about, is exactly what they are about.

It’s not just about the clothes, it’s the message behind the brand that is so important. And the slogan tees are just brilliant!


Because I love what JustStrong are about, I’ve decided to become an ambassador too. And as a special treat, you can save 10% on your order by shopping through the following link (discount automatically applied at checkout)

Shop Here!

On top of that, with my parcel I even got a hand written ‘Thank You’ note and 2 sweets! Here’s me getting my strong on 😉

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