The Dance Fitness Programme You Absolutely Must Try!

What is sexy, sweat-inducing, confidence boosting and oh….so much fun?! 

Well….. not that haha!

Imagine a fitness class that gives you confidence, helps you feel more in touch with your body, includes cardio, strength and flexibility, all while giving you chance to play with props like fans and feather boas.

That’s what you get with Burlex Fitness!

Burlex Fitness is the original burlesque themed workout.


How do I know how good it is?

That’s because I’ve been teaching this class for almost 4 years as well as trained new instructors in the UK and New Zealand. Since teaching this class, I’ve had women who are shy, uncoordinated, doubting their abilities, as well as all shapes, sizes and fitness levels. And do you know what? ALL of them leave feeling boosted, happy and sweating!

I’ve had women adamant they have never and will never reach their toes. They achieve it.

I’ve had women look at me in utter disbelief doing a cancan kick. Every week their legs get higher and straighter. 

I’ve had women showing me how loose their leggings are getting. The only change they had made was coming to Burlex classes. 

I’ve had women create safe, friendly groups who they can open up to, be honest with, and above all have fun with. 

We even give our lovely ladies the opportunity to strut their stuff on stage. Burlex makes for a great performance as well as an amazing workout, and all our women who do this get even more of a confidence boost. 

Created in the UK, this is where our main base is. But you can also find Burlex classes in Ireland, Greece and New Zealand. We can’t wait to share the Burlex love in even more countries too!

If you feel like shimmying and wiggling your way through this FANTASTIC dance fitness class, click HERE to visit the Burlex website and see if there is a class local to you. Or, you can get in touch with me directly by commenting below and I’ll be more than happy to help you add a little sexiness to your Vixxen Life!

We Squat!

We Press!

We Stretch!

We Burlex!

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