New Hair! You Should Care!

Hey Vixxens!

So, as I’ve mentioned previously, it’s been a really tough few months and something I’ve really let slide is my self care. One aspect of which was my hair (anyone who knows me knows this is unusual).

Now I love having thick, strong, healthy hair (thank you Italian blood). I’ve experimented with it, tried a whole host of styles and love getting creative with it. So as you can imagine, letting it get in such bad shape (among other things) actually made me feel even worse.

Let me put this in perspective; my last cut was in January, along with my last set of highlights. By May, things had gone south very fast and rather than allow myself to have pick-me-ups and take care of myself, I grabbed a box dye to cover up the really bad roots I had. I know some of you will know what I’m talking about here! It was dried out, full of split ends, literally like rats tails. But still, I left it to get worse. How could I possibly think of taking care of my hair with so much going on?

Roll on July when we got back to the UK, even more crap! I did start taking care of my skin a little more, so that was something, but I still couldn’t spend the time and money on myself needed. I had birthdays (my own included), people wanting pictures for things and more, but I just felt awful! I hated how I looked, putting on a little weight, bad skin, and my hair? Eurgh! The roots were back with a vengeance. 

Then we hit September. Finally I start to feel some ground beneath me and step one of getting back to me was achieved!


I had a lovely hairdresser recommended to me at Thomas J William in Dorchester. And I think you’ll all agree that the 4 hours she spent (yes, 4) was well needed and definitely worth it! My looked and felt miles better. 

Since then, I am back to taking care of my hair! As well as washing twice a week (that works for me) I am using Redken Iron Shape 11 heat protection spray and a daily dose of L’Oreal Botanicals Strength Cure Potion

Why am I telling you all of this? Well it’s because I know how crap I felt letting things go as much as I did. And if I can help one person get the bumkick to take care of themselves after the same feelings, then it’s been worth it. 

You should be making self care a priority, no matter how busy or hard life is. 

Let me know in the comments what you think of the transformation and let’s see your own ones! Let’s all be Vixxens!

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